An effective treatment
for nail fungus

Eurofoot is an innovation in the treatment of nail fungus. Use Eurofoot to quickly cure the fungus on your feet and hands.
Relieves itching
Accelerates nail growth
Rejuvenates the skin
Eliminates the smell
Destroys the fungus


Enjoy all the benefits

Instructions on how to use the fluid most effectively

1. Cut your nails as short as possible
2. Cut off the surface of the nail affected by the fungus with a disposable nail file
3. Apply (do not rub) a thin layer on the nail and the skin around it
4. Repeat the procedure until a healthy nail grows back



Eurofoot Nail Fungus Remedy


Treat nail fungus quickly and without pain!


Promote better nail growth and strengthen the skin.

Climbazole eliminates discomfort, itching and unpleasant odors, restores the damaged structure, normalizes the sebaceous glands, stimulates the growth of beneficial microflora for the skin and nail.
Mangosteen Extract
Restores and protects dry and dehydrated skin, strengthens nails, helps to get rid of breakage. Source of vitamins B1, B2, C and E.
Fir oil
Perfectly cleanses the pores, nourishes the cells of the upper layer-the epidermis, eliminates sweating. Source of vitamins E and C.
Rye enzyme
Actively caring for and forming the barrier functions of the skin and nails, play an important role in the energy metabolism of living cells. Contains 8 essential amino acids.

Before and after the Eurofoot Nail fungus remedy

It is used in podiatric centers and clinics


Answers to the most frequent and interesting questions

Why does it hurt under your nails?
Most likely there is pus or fungus, less often an ingrown toenail, and maybe all the reasons at once.
How long does nail fungus develop?
On the hands of 1.5 months, on the feet from 2 to 3 years approximately.
What fungi affect the nails?
These are mainly yeast and pathogenic.
How long do nails grow or how long does a nail grow?
From 6 months to a year.


Delivery by the transport company
DHL, FedEx, USP, PostNL, TNT, Royal Mail and others.

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